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Industry Waste Recovery (IWR) stewardship programs facilitate the collection and processing of packaging and waste, across Australia

A cost-effective solution to a serious problem
Industry Waste Recovery is a nationally recognised and supported initiative in collecting and forming usefulness for industry waste. Developed from the Farm Waste Recovery (FWR) stewardship management business, which aims to reduce the number of landfilled polypropylene agricultural bags, Industry Waste Recovery, facilitates the evolutionary growth on an even broader scale. Providing nationally recognised Industry Waste Recovery labelled bags to members of the recovery program and collected by trusted partners and given a new life.

Australians are more aware of the ethical and sustainable aspects of production globally, which influence their purchasing decisions. The demand for sustainable products is resulting in more producers using sustainable credentials as part of their marketing strategies and promotion. By working with an Industry Waste Recovery program, you’re not only supporting the best interests of your community, but the future of the production industry. 

Sharing the benefits:

Meeting your Obligations & Requirements

The collection and recycling management of packaging waste creates a constant, costly challenge to companies in not only seeing waste through to an environmentally friendly cycle, but managing consumer perceptions. Industry Waste Recovery takes care of the waste, helping producers uphold their environmentally positive standard.

An Asset to your Business and Brand

Sharing a passionate, bottom-line conscious vision for creating successful recycling schemes, Industry Waste Recovery secures the reliable partnerships and facilitates the community engagement essential for making social responsibility a cost-effective strategy for your business.

Government Supported and Compliant 

Industry Waste Recovery compliments and is supported by the National Packaging Covenant (1999) which is the principle instrument to reduce impacts of consumer packaging in Australia.

Environmental Recognition with Industry Waste Recovery 

Our members filter waste from production into environmentally friendly, Industry Waste Recovery provided and branded waste bags. From the moment packaging are discarded, it is protected by and associated with a nationally recognised waste recovery program.